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Scrabble Player Demands Strip Search Of Opponent When ‘G’ Goes Missing At World Championship

According to HuffingtonPost –

Folks at the World Scrabble Championship take the word game pretty seriously, and when a tile goes missing, they’ll even demand a strip search of their opponent in an effort to find it. A Thai player demanded that authorities strip search English player Ed Martin, after the letter “G” disappeared from the players’ board at the international tournament this weekend, the Independent reports. Officials did not perform the search, but the bold request didn’t mark the first time judges at the event dealt with an odd accusation. A player once accused an opponent of eating a tile, the Independent points out.

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9/11 The Real Meaning – 10 Years Later [pic]

SuperSize it

SuperSize it

TSA’s Next Step Should Be Very Interesting

Apparently, the TSA now believes that the next threat will come from surgically implanted bombs. What they do to prevent this should be very interesting, since the American sheeple will accept anything. This promises to be the Theatrical Security Administration’s finest work.

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Christmas at The Airport [pic]

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