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Amazing Invention? Inflatable Neck Traction Device

Amazing invention? It appears to me to be a law suit(s) waiting to be filed. At first glance, the Neck Air Traction System sounds reasonable. Neck is sore – place device around neck – inflate to stretch neck – no more pain! What could go wrong? It can be used at home and the office, by both men and women, and it’s only $15. This thing reminds me of theĀ Padaung women of Myanmar, who stretch their necks with copper coils.

The Sunday paper is becoming a rich source for merchandise of dubious value. Last week it had an ad for magnetic underwear, and this week, Parade Magazine had a full page ad for the Neck Air Traction System. View the ad HERE

19 Unusual Gifts Nobody Wants

Yahoo presents this excellent list of crappy presents. I can’t believe anyone would want a butter warmer, a banana guard or perfume for their dog, but I’m quite sure that if my sisters receivedĀ  fiber optic holiday sweaters, they would wear them proudly.

Check out all the dubious gifts HERE.


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