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Google Ends Free 411 Service

Google is ending their free directory assistance service on November 12, 2010. I used it a few times in the 3 years it operated and I got good results each time. In researching a replacement, I found 1-800-FREE-411. I tried it today and it did find the number I was searching for. Like Google’s service, it is an automated, voice-activated system that requires the caller to listen to short ads. I got 1 ad at the beginning of my call and another short ad before I was given my number. Callers navigate through the menu system and have the option of being connected to the number or having it read to them. Overall, I found it be be kind of a pain to use, but for the occasional number look-up, it is OK – and the price (free) is right.

1-800-FREE-411 website

Google announcement



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