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Yes!! Now I Can Buy Pickle Juice In Cans


Gordy’s is now selling their Fine Brine in 12oz cans – only $16 for four. Or, I could (or, maybe not) drink it straight from a jar of pickles for free.

Get yours HERE.

Deep Thoughts About Food From Cookie Monster [video]

Ugandan Grasshopper Harvest Threatened By Power Supply Issues

According to Yahoo –

Stripped of their wings and fried with onions, grasshoppers are a delicacy in Uganda’s central region — gobbled up by the handful and washed down with beer in bars around Kampala. This time of year should be peak season for the insect catchers but Turyamugumya — who uses bright lights to attract the flying insects before disorientating them with smoke and trapping them in disused oil drums — says that business is tough.

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Cicada Ice Cream Is A Hit – WTF? reports –

Insect-filled cicada ice cream never had a chance to be placed in the display case at Sparky’s Homemade Ice Cream before it was all gone. Surprising the employees at Sparky’s, the new flavor was so popular that it sold out Wednesday night before it was set to be out for display on Thursday.

 “When we opened, Tony was just bombarded,” Christian Losciale, an employee at Sparky’s, said about the rush of customers looking for cicada ice cream Thursday morning. Sparky’s employee Tony Layson was the first in the shop when it opened on Thursday. The ice cream was supposed to make its debut Thursday, but as Columbians got word of the new flavor on Wednesday, curious customers went in early to see if they could try a scoop or two. “Before we could put it out front we were selling it out of the back,”said Augustine Accurso, an employee at Sparky’s about the sales Wednesday night.

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