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A Great Site For The GOP Convention

Yiddish Curses For Republican Jews can provide much entertainment for Republicans, those attending the GOP convention in Tampa or perhaps for those with Republican friends. Click the ‘Show Me Another Curse’ button and enjoy!

Go to Yiddish Curses For Republican




Curse of The Little Rascals

Many of the kids that appeared in the Our Gang films met with unusual deaths at early ages. The untimely ends of Alfalfa, Buckwheat and many others are outlined in this article.

Neatorama reports –

According to Our Gang producer Hal Roach, 176 kids played in the 221 Our Gang films made between 1922 and 1944. Only a few of these became major stars in the series. When you consider how many kids cycled through the Our Gang series, it stands to reason that quite a few of them would have problems later in life. Even so, the number of kids who suffered misfortune over the years is startling. You can’t help but wonder: Are the Little Rascals cursed?

Profanity in American Sign Language

Another informative and much too short wikipedia page. There must be a lot more that can be added to this page (let’s get going, deaf folks).

Go to ‘Profanity in American Sign Language’ page.


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