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You Can’t Do That To Ramen Noodles! has a “recipe” for grilling ramen noodles like a steak. I can add nothing else.

Check it out HERE.



How Not To Cook Hotdogs

Buzzfeed presents 14 awesomely bad recipes for hotdogs. If any of these unappetizing disasters were prepared more than once, I would be shocked. Hotdogs can be roasted, grilled or even boiled, but they should never be made into a faux crown roast.

Check out the recipes HERE.



Saddest Little Blog – Russian Airline Food

I just ran across what may the most depressing blog ever. It features photos of the awful food that is served on airliners in Russia. I bet that the commentary that accompanies the photos is quite humorous, but it’s in Russian – damn!

Check out the culinary disasters HERE.




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