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Food On A Scanner Creates Astronomical Images


Photographer Navid Baraty explains –

These fictional space scenes are creations I’ve made by placing food on an Epson photo scanner and then making a scan with the lid open. The ingredients of each are listed in the captions.

See image gallery HERE.

Navid Baraty’s site HERE.

10 Inventions That Were Not Needed


Listverse published a list of inventions that solved problems that didn’t need solving; such as an automatic hat tipper or the double-ended smoking pipe.

Check out all 10 inventions HERE.


Fire Painter [video]

Hubcap Sculptor Turns Rubbish Into Art [video]

19 Creatively Photoshopped Photos

Cosmic-Girl-sCoolDigitalPhotography presents an excellent set of photo compositions.

See all 19 pics HERE.



Art From Brown Packing Tape

packingtape-artAccording to –

Ukrainian installation artist Mark Khaisman creates his infamous works by applying layers of translucent packing tape onto clear Plexiglas panels. His subjects are often borrowed from art history, old movies, 20th century propaganda art, and his own photographs.

Check out his art HERE

Creative Department [comic]

cornered130117original source



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