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Craigslist Just For Rich People

monopoly-manAccording to BuzzFeed –

Prices tend to be higher than what you’d find in typical classifieds sections, with goods such as vast estates, boats, Rolexes, diamond rings, and expensive cars. They’re mostly listed by bankers, hedge fund managers, private-equity types, and their friends.

Obviously, you’re too poor to visit such a site, so you must make do with reading about it HERE. Obviously!


Better Check Craigslist Too [comic]

original source


10 Buff Polish Chicks – Only $35 – Craigslist Bargain Of The Day [pic]

Supersize image     –    original posting

Craigslist Infographic

An interesting infographic about Craigslist is available HERE.

Free Yard Leaves – Craigslist Special [pic]

See the Craigslist Special HERE.


Space Ship for Sale

“This space ship is in excellent condition! Only 300 million Intergalactic miles, 4 passenger, no meteor dents…”

See the full CraigsList post HERE.



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