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We’re All Winners! [comic]

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A Brief History of the High Five

hi5Mental_floss presented a short history of the high five. It’s exact origin seems to be in doubt, but it first appeared in the late 1970’s. I thought it was older than that. –

Since 2002, the third Thursday of April is recognized as a National High Five Day—24-hour period for giving familiars and strangers alike as many high fives as humanly possible. A few University of Virginia students invented the day, which has since evolved into a “High 5-A-Thon” that raises money each year for cancer research. Here are a few more facts to get you in the celebrating spirit.

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Merit Badges For Everyday Life sells merit badges for the rest of us. Badges for such mundane things as; cooking, eating, parking tickets, etc. They have a large selection in several categories at $4 each.

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