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Victory Through Coffee

In praise of coffee, by Shoebox.


In praise of coffee, by Shoebox.



Cold Brew Coffee – The Hipster Way [video]

Coffee Lids [video]

How A Drip Coffee Maker Works [video]

10 Unusual Facts About Coffee

Mental_floss published a list of 10 strange facts about coffee. You can find out how ‘Chock Full O’Nuts’ got its name and who reportedly drank 50 cups per day.

Go there now


Elephants Help Make The World’s Most Expensive Cup Of Coffee – No Thanks

50percupBuzzFeed has a graphic description of how a $50 per cup coffee is produced. I’ll pass because: 1.$50 per cup, 2.production involves elephants.

See how it’s done HERE



Coffee – Nature’s Perfect Drink? [video]


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