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Facial Recognition Software Identifies People in Antique Photographs

According to Slate –

Identifying figures in historic photographs poses a number of challenges. Given that the photography of the time was in black and white or sepia, potentially helpful information about skin tone and eye color is lost. Technological tools developed with modern photos in mind can also run into problems when faced with antiquarian material. Profile views, which were fashionable in the 19th century, are tricky for many facial recognition systems. Similarly, the iconic facial hair sported by many at the time (the word sideburns is an homage to Maj. Gen. Ambrose Burnside of the Union Army) helps human photo sleuths but hinders software because beards and mustaches can block the features the program is trying to map. While digital tools are extremely useful for drastically narrowing the field, human users still do better when it comes to weighing up several potential matches.

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Incredible Colorized Photo Of Abraham Lincoln [pic]


US President Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809; he would be 206 today. Recently, I found this colorized photo of him on reddit. The original was black and white and taken  by Alexander Gardner in 1861, with the color being added recently.

Supersized version of the photo HERE.

Original reddit post HERE.

Some Wounded Civil War Soldiers Glowed In The Dark

Mental_floss reported –

Some of the Shiloh soldiers sat in the mud for two rainy days and nights waiting for the medics to get around to them. As dusk fell the first night, some of them noticed something very strange: their wounds were glowing, casting a faint light into the darkness of the battlefield. Even stranger, when the troops were eventually moved to field hospitals, those whose wounds glowed had a better survival rate and had their wounds heal more quickly and cleanly than their unilluminated brothers-in-arms. The seemingly protective effect of the mysterious light earned it the nickname “Angel’s Glow.”

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Photos of Civil War Submarine H.L.Hunley

Conservators in Charleston, SC have worked for a decade on the Confederate submarine H.L.Hunley. It sat on the bottom of Charleston harbor for over 130 years. These 3 photos show their results.

View the photos on MSNBC.



Macaroni and Cheese Recipe From The Civil War

On the 150th. anniversary of the start of the US Civil War, SimplyRecipes presents a recipe for the American favorite – mac and cheese. Not only is the recipe from the Civil War era, the article claims that mac and cheese dates back 800 years. You may want to try the recipe – it seems to be very good.

Get the recipe HERE.

Get the recipe HERE.


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