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Patent #3,216,423 – Apparatus For Facilitating The Birth Of A Child By Centrifugal Force


I have nothing more to say – the patent explains it so well –

It is known, that due to natural anatomical conditions, the fetus needs the application of considerable propelling force to enable it to push aside the constricting vaginal walls, to overcome the friction of the uteral and vaginal surfaces and to counteract the atmospheric pressure opposing the emergence of the child. In the case of a woman who has a fully developed muscular system and has had ample physical exertion all through the pregnancy, as is common with all more primitive peoples, nature provides all the necessary equipment and power to have a normal and quick delivery. This is not the case, however, with more civilized Women who often do not have the opportunity to develop the muscles needed in confinement.

Don’t overlook the safety features –

A suitable hand brake 18 is provided adjacent to the controller 16 to enable the operator to stop quickly the inertial rotation of the machine after the current is switched ofi either by the new born child, or by the operator on instruction from the gynecologist in charge of the operation …

Check out the patent HERE.


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