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Is Facebook Censoring Your Comments?

ZDnet reports –

Facebook has apparently started blocking comments it deems “irrelevant or inappropriate.” The social networking appears to be analyzing comments before letting you post them. Technical evangelist Robert Scoble today wanted to respond to a Facebook post by Carnegie Mellon student Max Woolf about PandoDaily,  but Facebook blocked him from posting his comment. The social networking giant’s algorithms detected the comment as negative and gave the following error (pictured below).

Facebook claims a false positive from their spam filter caused this issue.

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Military Intelligence – Pentagon Blocks Troops’ Access To Wikileaks

TechDirt reports –

The Pentagon’s laughably inept response to Wikileaks just keeps getting more and more ridiculous. The latest is that all military personnel are barred from going to Wikileaks and downloading material. Apparently, the military has actually put in place ridiculously crude filters that will block access to any URL that says Wikileaks. Of course, everyone else can still get to Wikileaks. How does this help at all? Obviously, the government doesn’t want military staff to leak stuff to Wikileaks, but this ban won’t do that. If anything, it’ll just call a lot more attention to the site. And the whole reasoning behind the ban is so nonsensical that it’ll probably just make members of the military scratch their heads…

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