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Which Fictional Character Shares Your Birthday

party-dogEveryone has a birthday, so do a lot of fictional characters. BuzzFeed has a page that has a fictional character’s birthday for each day of the year.

Check it out HERE


The Holidays Are For Family [comic]

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The 6 Rules Of Thanksgiving [video]

Offbeat November Holidays

Mental_floss published a list of 15 lesser-known holidays to celebrate during November. If you want to participate in National Plan Your Epitaph Day, you better hurry, it is celebrated today, November 2nd. Later in the month, notable holidays include : World Toilet Day, International Tongue Twister Day, Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day, and World Kindness Day.

Check out the entire list HERE


15 Offbeat October Holidays

Mental_floss published a handy list of less-well-known October holidays. My favorite may be national lowercase day, since, for me, nearly every day is Taco Day. Those looking for a little self improvement can celebrate Evaluate Your Life Day and Global Handwashing Day.

Check out all the holidays HERE

Offbeat Holidays in September

Although, three of the holidays have already passed, it is not too late to celebrate Hug a Vegetarian Day or Wiener Schnitzel Day (can you celebrate both?).

Check out all the strange holidays HERE



History of St Patrick’s Day [2 videos]


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