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Which Fictional Character Shares Your Birthday

party-dogEveryone has a birthday, so do a lot of fictional characters. BuzzFeed has a page that has a fictional character’s birthday for each day of the year.

Check it out HERE


102 Year Old Woman Base Jumps From Bridge [video]

How To Calculate Your Age

Content Farm presents this very helpful article –

Your age is an important thing to know about yourself. You can’t go to school or drink alcohol or get into a good nursing home if you don’t know your age. But it’s hard to find out how old you are if you don’t know. Human beings aren’t horses; you can’t just cut us open and count the rings! That’s why you’ve got to use this method to find out what your age is.

Continue reading HERE to find out how to figure your age.

Happy Birthday! is 2 years old today.


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