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Harrods Sells a $1,300 Toilet Brush

According to LuxuryLaunches –

From time to time, we here at LL, come across products that cross the line from luxurious to ludicrous and this Crystal Toilet Brush from Zodiac certainly fits the bill. The brush is hailed as a “high-octane upgrade” to bathroom essentials thanks to its diamond-cut crystal exterior and chrome finish. The real clincher though is the $1,302.55 price tag. Thanks, but no thanks.

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Amazon Will Sell You An Empty Package For $150

Yes, you can purchase an empty package for $150. It is a Hot Wheels model of Wonder Woman’s invisible jet. It was produced as produced as a joke, and apparently enough folks want the empty package for it to be worth $150. Better hurry, only 2 are available!


10 Buff Polish Chicks – Only $35 – Craigslist Bargain Of The Day [pic]

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A $99 PC You Can Order Now

Yes, I was able to put a $99 pc into my shopping cart today, but I just couldn’t buy the thing, even at $99. Why? 400MHz processor, 7″ screen, choice of  2 crappy operating systems – the Cherrypal Africa is more like a toy than a pc. It will be very slow at everything. But… it’s only $99!

Visit the Cherrypal site.

Order one today.

$7 For 1 Single DVD Case – WTF

BL-DVDcaseWho would spend $7 for a single DVD case?

Shop YesBuy, if you dare.


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