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Iowa Distillery Is Raising Whiskey-Flavored Pigs

whiskeypigs-sAccording to Time –

The only thing that makes the distinct flavors of whiskey and pork better is combining them. That’s why we have bacon-infused bourbon, Jack Daniel’s-glazed pork chops, and so on. But the good people at Iowa’s Templeton Rye Distillery decided to take this very, very literally by attempting to breed pigs that already taste like whiskey. Yes. Really. Whiskey-flavored pigs. They bought 25 purebred Duroc pigs, known for their high-quality meat, with the sole intention of giving them Templeton’s signature flavor. No, this does not mean they’ve been feeding the pigs whiskey. Instead, the pigs on are on a special diet that incorporates the dry distillery grain from the whiskey-making process into the feed

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Bacon Bowl – Merica!!!! [video]

Job Title – Win or Fail? [pic]

Unusual Toothpaste Flavors

BuzzFeed presents a page listing 20 incredibly bizarre flavors of toothpaste. Pork flavored toothpaste – OMG!

Check out all 20 flavors HERE



Must Have Been A Slow News Day In St.Louis

KSDK Channel 5 had nothing better to air today than a taste test of the new Jack in the Box bacon milkshake. Oh, wait, they did cover the Boat Show.

Bacon milkshake coverage HERE and the riveting Boat Show coverage HERE



Super Bowl Snacks From Hell

FlavorWire presents –

According to the USDA, the Super Bowl is second only to Thanksgiving when it comes to the average amount of calories Americans consume in one day. And we can’t blame it all on the beer — beloved game-day snacks snacks like pigs in a blanket, buffalo wings, and jalapeno poppers also play their part. But seriously, those unhealthy eats seem tame when compared to some of the stuff that we found floating around the Internet, things like cheese-filled mugs made from bacon and deep-fried cheeseburgers. Click through and peruse these banned foods at your own risk.

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Bacon For Vegetarians? [video]

Ultimate Dog Tease [video]

Ham Face Girl [video]

All Bacon, All The Time

bacon-airfreshnersThe BaconCyclopedia is a webpage featuring everything you ever need or want to know about bacon.

Go to BaconCyclopedia.


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