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How Ford Tests Reactions To Self-driving Cars

According to WebUrbanist –

A Ford van zooming around the Washington D.C. area last month, seemingly without a human in the driver’s seat, wasn’t self-driving after all: it was a man in a ‘seat suit.’ A fake driverless car might seem like a weird experiment, especially considering the fact that there’s an entire fake town for testing self-driving vehicles at Ford’s disposal. But as it turns out, they have their reasons: observing how people react to seeing it.

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F3T – Ford’s Rapid Prototyping For Sheet Metal [video]

Do Not Buy GM Cars

It just gets more unbelievable everyday. GM takes taxpayer money to avoid bankruptcy, begins shutting US plants and now plans to build a new plant in China. If you plan to buy a new car, do not buy General Motors. Give Ford or Chrysler a shot.


Bloomberg reports –

General Motors Corp., shuttering U.S. plants in a bid to avoid bankruptcy, is “likely” to build a new factory in China on surging demand.

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