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Incredible Colorized Photo Of Abraham Lincoln [pic]


US President Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809; he would be 206 today. Recently, I found this colorized photo of him on reddit. The original was black and white and taken  by Alexander Gardner in 1861, with the color being added recently.

Supersized version of the photo HERE.

Original reddit post HERE.

One Battery Has Powered A Bell For 170+ Years

OxfordElectricBell-smTIL that a bell has been ringing almost continuously since 1840. Saying that the bells are being rung, is a bit of a stretch; the clapper vibrates between the two bells. It is located at University of Oxford in England. It is powered by a battery (dry pile) of unknown composition. It is amazing to consider that that this device had already been operating for 20 years by the time Abe Lincoln became President. I could use some batteries like those.

Read more about it at Wikipedia

Short video of the device shown below.

Celebrities And Their Much Older Doppelgangers

Old historical figures sometimes bear an uncanny resemblance to current celebrities. BuzzFeed collected 19 of them. My favorite is Charles Darwin and George Carlin.

Check out all 19 couples HERE



What A Long, Strange, Republican Trip [NSFW] [pic]

super size me


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