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Yes!! Now I Can Buy Pickle Juice In Cans


Gordy’s is now selling their Fine Brine in 12oz cans – only $16 for four. Or, I could (or, maybe not) drink it straight from a jar of pickles for free.

Get yours HERE.


25 Most Romantic Places On Earth


CoolDigitalPhotography presents a set of very nice landscapes from around the world. Heidelberg, Germany shown above.

Check out the pics HERE.

Rejected Father’s Day Cards

youre-the-worlds-greatest-dad-sShoebox Cards presents a few rejected Father’s Day cards.

Check them out HERE.

Old Soviet Work Safety Posters



Enjoy this set of old safety posters from Russia.

Artwork Made From 10,000 Wood Species


de zeen reports –

Architects Zeller & Moye and artist Katie Paterson have installed a public artwork in the grounds of Bristol University, England, which is made up of samples from more than 10,000 tree species. Entitled Hollow, the installation’s exterior structure, made of Douglas Fir, is designed as a forest canopy, with the arrangement of posts representing the varying heights of trees.

Continue reading HERE.

WARNING SIGNS OF ADULTHOOD [video] [some bad language]

Most Powerful Photos Of This Week


From BuzzFeed –

Here are the most moving, sorrowful, and beautiful pictures from the past week.

See all pics HERE.


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