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CherryTree is an application to organize text snippets, URLs, images, and other stuff into one hierarchical database. Items are organized into nodes on a tree structure. Nodes can contain many items. Nodes can have child-nodes (or sub-nodes). To get started, simply add a new node, name it, and add one or more items to the node. CherryTree is available for Windows (installer and portable) and Linux.
— The Good – CherryTree handles text correctly, unlike OneNote, which converts all text to images. Text in CherryTree remains editable in the main window. URLs remain clickable. Tables, bullet points, and lists can be created in the main window. A time stamp and special characters can be added anywhere. Items can be exported as PDFs, HTML, and plain text. Items from other note apps can be imported. Much of the interface can be customized. The tree structure can be reorganized by drag-and-drop. Spell Check and Autosave are available (enable both in Preferences). There are features of interest to coders – syntax highlighting and code boxes.
— The Bad – I found nothing I didn’t like in this application. Some users may be overwhelmed with all of the options, but I appreciate having more options.
— — — — The Bottom Line — — — —
CherryTree is truly a hidden gem. I had no problems with it and it does so many things right. Two thumbs up! If you want to organize your digital life, give CherryTree a try.
Download CherryTree HERE

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