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2 Photos From Sunday’s Eclipse [pics]

I found these two outstanding photos taken during Sunday’s solar eclipse.

9 Year Old Blogger Reviews Her School Lunches

Nine year old Martha Payne, from Argyll, Scotland, has been reviewing her school lunches with incredible style. Her reviews can be read on her blog, NeverSeconds.


Animal Kingdom’s Most Hard-Hearted Mothers

Mental_floss presented this list of the 9 worst animal mothers. The list includes ; Harp Seals, Cuckoos, House Sparrows, Pandas, Black Bears, Black Eagles, Rabbits, Burying Beetles and Skinks. To find out what these mothers do to earn a place on the list, go HERE.



Cool Name, Bro! 32 People With Strange Names

The Chive posted a list of 32 people with unusual names. My favorite is the NYC cab driver, Phat Ho.

Check out all 32 people HERE


Welcome To Life [video]

Very Old Photos of Baseball Players

BuzzFeed posted a page of 21 photos of baseball players from well before 1900. I had never before seen any of them.

Check them out HERE


GOP’s Yellow Brick Road [comic]


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