16 Reasons NOT To Buy A New iPad

From ZDnet –

Don’t get me wrong. I acknowledge that there is some value to an iPad. But just because all your friends are buying the latest and greatest “new” iPad (what we previously thought would be the iPad 3), that doesn’t mean you have to, as well. Every other tech pundit and reviewer in the business will be out there trying to tell you why you should buy an iPad. They figure that if they suck up to Apple enough, perhaps, some day, a 20-something, wet-behind-the-ears Apple PR droid will bless them with a returned call or email. At that point, that lucky reviewer will be able to check off the most elusive of bucket list items.

The 16 reasons are listed below. For details of all items,

read the ZDnet article HERE.

Reason 1: You already have an iPad

Reason 2: The retina display is mostly marketing hype

Reason 3: High-res apps will take more memory

Reason 4: 4G/LTE is expensive

Reason 5: 4G/LTE doesn’t work in a lot of places

Reason 6: The porn issue

Reason 7: The size

Reason 8: iPad 2 accessories won’t necessarily work

Reason 9: It’s still not 16×9

Reason 10: There’s still no USB port

Reason 11: You still have to use iTunes too often

Reason 12: There’s still no removable storage

Reason 13: Kindles are still much less expensive

Reason 14: You can still only run software approved by Apple

Reason 15: It still can’t be used as a standalone computer

Reason 16: Apple still won’t let you write or run programs that execute programs

Read the ZDnet article HERE



1 Response to “16 Reasons NOT To Buy A New iPad”

  1. 1 cartmellpriory March 15, 2012 at 4:36 pm

    You missed the Great British Reasons why not to buy one. Put briefly they are simply:-

    1. We don’t have any 4GL coverage, so why bother?
    2. We can see the old screen fine, so why bother?
    3. Its too big for a portable device, so why bother?
    4. Its too small for a useful device, so why bother?
    5. There’s no USB or external storage, so why bother?
    6. You can only use iTunes and Apple stuff, so why bother?
    7. What about all my old accessories, so why bother?
    8. We can buy Android pads much cheaper, so why bother?
    9. We can’t code on it, so why bother?

    And finally,

    10. It will only get stolen, so why bother?

    Fine article though – and if I hadn’t commissioned an article on the new iPad myself (for its use in schools) I would reblog it myself. Thanks for a good read.

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