The Staring Book

From Arni Kristjansson –

Through the years living here in Japan I’ve heard several non-Japanese friends of mine complain that they get stared at in public. When I heard of a recent incident I got the idea for this, a book cover for a fictional book called Why Do Japanese People Stare At Foreigners? by the fictional author Masao Suzuki (incidentally the ex-president of department store Matsuzakaya shares the same name). The idea is simple, print out this cover and wrap it around a book in Japanese. Then, as soon as you get stared at on the train or in a public place (to the point where it becomes uncomfortable) take out the book and pretend to start reading it while giving the starer ample view of the cover. The starer is then made aware of the situation in the most Japanese of ways, through non-confrontation.

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