Are You Drinking Glenn Beck’s Kool-Aid? [pic]

1 Response to “Are You Drinking Glenn Beck’s Kool-Aid? [pic]”

  1. 1 theothergardener February 12, 2010 at 12:43 am

    People accept wild conspiracy theories about the government because they realize on some level that government is just a front for corporations now. But they haven’t the guts yet to confront the problem head-on. Get over it, get rid of the distraction and focus on the problem. Politics is just rhetorical graffiti to distract people from the growing monstrosity of the corporation. Attack the corporation, undermine it, rip it off, tie it up in knots, get at it from the inside, infiltrate it, and slash and burn it to the ground. It’s either US or IT now. And I say US.

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