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Mom Kills 3 Year Old TWICE reports that a 23 year old woman suffocated her 3 year old son with her hand. She had second thoughts and revived the boy with CPR. Then, she had third thoughts, completed the suffocation and buried the boy at the playground.

Read the CNN report HERE.

New Mac Mini? iMattress [pic]

When I first glanced at this from dealnews, I thought I was looking at a Mac Mini, not a bed.


Hear The “Hum”?

Interesting BBC article on a noise heard by many people.

Read it HERE.

Interesting Anti-Religion Read

This page presents some very strong arguments against organized religion. It may upset the true believers. It presents strong, logical points such as –

I find it abhorrent that a newborn baby is considered to be dirty with sin. This makes a complete mockery of true morality, which requires both an understanding of right and wrong, and that individual’s willful intention to do wrong in order to determine immorality. Even our modest human justice system has the basic common sense not to prosecute minors for their ‘immoral’ actions, let alone for those of their ancestors.

Read the entire page HERE.

Revenge Of The Neo-Hippies (Slackers)

This is an interesting opinion piece in The Boston Globe from David Scharfenberg.

slacker-smBut in retrospect, it’s clear that we did something right. We lived a smaller life, a life we could afford. And as the country rebuilds the economy, as it tries to replace it with something more sustainable than a leaning tower of subprime mortgages and consumer binging, it is time to reevaluate that much-maligned Gen X archetype: the American Slacker.

Read the entire piece HERE.

Best Hip-Hop CD Ever

djdmBBC reports –

Hip-hop producer Danger Mouse is to release a blank CD, after record label EMI reportedly cancelled his new album.

Continue reading.

Night Of The Living FED [pic]

living fed


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