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Car Stereo Theft – A Dying Crime

NPR reports

With all the bad news about property crime and the economy, many people are ready to lock down their possessions and bolt the doors. But here’s one problem you don’t need to worry too much about: car stereo theft. Criminologists and industry experts say the biggest reason stereo theft has declined is that car manufacturers started installing good stereos. In the late 1990s, companies realized that they could charge more for their cars if they installed a high-quality factory sound system. And that, it turns out, made them theftproof.

“There’s no market for factory radios because they normally don’t fit in any other cars,” David Brown, owner of Savvy Mobile Electronics said.

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Reel ’em In – Taking Advantage of The Religious


I wish I had thought of this. InformationAgePrayer will have a computer pray for you for a fee. It even offers monthly subscriptions. Gotta love it!

Go to InformationAgePrayer.

Help Ziggy


Vacationers’ Complaints

beachHilarious post from The Telegraph. They present 20 of the most ridiculous complaints made by vacationers to their travel agents. Such as – “The beach was too sandy.”

Read all 20 HERE.

Strange McDonalds’ Food Around The World

This page presents many local menu items featured at McDonalds around the world. Some look tasty – some just bizarre. Highlights include the McLobster in Eastern Canada or New England and the McKielbasa in Poland. There are many, many more.



Sound Effects For Your Life

Instant Rimshot offers a rimshot for those special occasions.

Drama Button has a sound for the little dramas.

Funny Blago Ad

Noticed this great ad featuring everyone’s favorite ex-governor on Chicago Reader.classifieds-jobs-200902-rh1317_butt2


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