How To Field Dress A Unicorn

unicornNow that it is hunting season, time to learn the proper way to field dress a unicorn.

“Once you’ve filled your unicorn with plenty of hot lead it’s time to get down to some proper field dressing to ensure you’ll be eatin’ that unicorn all year long in your stews, roasts, hell, even minced into small pieces for garnishing your Corn Flakes! Unicorns, despite their awful attitudes, actually taste pretty dang good – provided you follow these simple guidelines for gutting your unicorn the RIGHT way!”

Read the rest HERE.

1 Response to “How To Field Dress A Unicorn”

  1. 1 Ram Venkatararam January 17, 2009 at 2:46 am

    I was under the impression that unicorn tasted somewhat gamey and was best served in stew. Is that true? I’ve never killed a unicorn but I beat a eunich senseless with a french horn in Amsterdam…suppose that is close enough

    thanks for the post

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