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28 Photos Of New York City In The 1980s

1980sNYC-sBuzzFeed published 28 photos of New York City from the 1980s by photograher Frank Horvat.

The photos on BuzzFeed

The photographer’s site HERE


CoolDigitalPhotography’s Photos of the Week

See all the pics HERE

Lasting-Beauty-sSee all the pics HERE

Pics Of Recent UK Flooding

BuzzFeed published a few stunning photos of the flooding in England.

See all of them HERE.


Athletes Of The 1st. Winter Olympics In 1924 [pics]

See all the photos HERE


Just ‘Like’ A Valentine [comic]

hf140213-soriginal source


How Time Management Actually Works [pic]


Creepy Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards

BuzzFeed collected 27 of the most bizarre Valentines from the past.

Enjoy them HERE


Photos Of An Old Forgotten Auto Scrap Yard In Sweden

BuzzFeed published some interesting photos of an abandoned Swedish junkyard.

See all the pics HERE.



Best Street Art of 2013 [pics]

street_art-sArtFido posted a collection of photos of 100 of the best street art pieces. I wish they were higher res, but, oh. . . well. Remember, as one of the pieces says THE “EARTH” WITHOUT ART IS JUST “EH”.

See all the works HERE.



Cool Photo Blog –

upsplash-sI just came across, an interesting photo blog; lots of great high res photos – just keep scrolling down.

Check out


19 Creatively Photoshopped Photos

Cosmic-Girl-sCoolDigitalPhotography presents an excellent set of photo compositions.

See all 19 pics HERE.



Colorful Aerial Photos

aerial-sCoolDigitalPhotography published a collection of 22 colorful landscapes shot from above.

Check out all 22 pics HERE


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