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Best Vacation Ever? [comic]

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Photos Of The Worst Floods To Hit The Balkans In 120 Years

flooding-sBuzzFeed reports -

Parts of Bosnia and Serbia declared a state of emergency on Friday after heavy rains caused rivers to overflow, killing at least three people, forcing thousands to evacuate, and leaving thousands more without power, the BBC reported. Authorities are calling the flooding the region’s worst in 120 years. As conditions worsen, emergency workers are scrambling to evacuate residents and reach those stranded without food or medicine.

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Classic Far Side Comic – Fly Travelogues

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Long View – Zoomed Out Look At Famous Landmarks

zoomed-outFrom PolicyMic -

We’ve seen them in pictures and in guidebooks. The world’s most famous landmarks live in popular imagination in their idealized form, but it can be surprising to see them in person. While some landmarks can be even more awe-inspiring when you take in their natural surroundings, others have been swallowed up by sprawling cityscapes. In our perfection-obsessed society, it’s tempting to crop out distractions and focus on the main subject. But as these images show, it can be just as enlightening to see how a landmark fits into an environment, and how a tourist attraction sticks out from a natural landscape. Here are 15 zoomed-out photos of famous landmarks around the world:

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50 Sunrise Photos

Sunrise-Tanker-Bay-Bridge-sCoolDigitalPhotography has another collection of excellent of landscape photographs. This time there are 50 sunrise (sunset?) pics.

Check out all of them HERE.


Endless Interestingness – Site Delivers Unending Supply Of Random Flickr Photos

UnInThis great site will continuously deliver random thumbnails of photos on Flickr. Once the page is filled, it starts scrolling from the left to display even more. Click any thumbnail to go to that full size pic on Flickr.

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Taking Selfies – A Guide For Men posted a simple, illustrated, step-by-step guide for men thinking of taking selfies.

Read the guide HERE.



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