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Bit Of History – 1986 Shuttle Disaster

I just uploaded four newspaper pages from the the day that the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded on take-off in January of 1986. The crew member who is most remembered is teacher, Christa McAuliffe. Also added a few odds and ends of local news. Of particular interest are tech-related stories from 1971 that feature the picturephone and bootleg 8-track tapes.

Challenger disaster HERE

1971 Tech stories HERE

Local odds and ends HERE and HERE

Homepage of my classic newspaper site HERE



Woman Fights $105,000 in Parking Tickets

pmeterThe ChicagoTribune reports -

Jennifer Fitzgerald has been fighting more than $100,000 in parking tickets on her junk car after she says it had been abandoned by her former boyfriend for three years in an employee parking lot at O’Hare International Airport.

Continue reading HERE


Classic Newspapers – The Big Snow of 1982

Most St. Louisans (at least the ones who are 40 or older) remember the snow storm of 1982 as the ‘Big One’ that virtually shut down the city. A week after the storm, the Post-Dispatch published a special section covering the event. All 12 pages of that section have just added to

View the Big Snow section HERE

Check out other papers at HERE




More Classic Old Newspapers

A few more pages have been added to my classic newspaper site, I’ve added a new section for local news. Local, in this case, is the St.Louis suburbs of Madison and Granite City, Illinois, and the newspapers are the Granite City Press-Record of 1960 and 1970, and the Granite City Journal of 1977. There is nothing earth-shaking, just small town news. If you are a history buff, are familiar with the area or just want a look back to the good old days, check out the Local News.  Local News

Classic Newspapers – Iranian Hostages Released – January 21, 1981

Several pages have just been added to the classic newspapers at The date was Jan. 21, 1981 and the Iranian hostages were released as Ronald Reagan was sworn in as President. Six full pages from the St. Louis Globe-Democrat are available. Hard to believe that it has been more than 30 years since that day.

Read about the hostages HERE

Explore everything at HERE

Scans of Historic Newspapers

More old papers have just been added to Most notable is from August 9, 1974, when President Nixon resigned. Also added, are several long gone newspapers from the St.Louis area. There is already quite a bit for history buffs to explore at the site, and more will be added in the future.

Nixon Resigns – read all about it HERE

Check out several long gone papers HERE

Think The US No Longer Makes Anything? Think Again – Chicago Is The Fake Vomit Maker To The World

CollectorsWeekly reports -

Have you ever stopped to contemplate the existence of rubber barf? It opens up enough philosophical quandaries to make your head spin. Who would ever think of such a thing? Why would he feel the need to manufacture it? Fortunately, Stan and Mardi Timm, the foremost experts on famed novelty company H. Fishlove & Co., have the answers to these vexing questions. The couple even got a personal tour of the factory where “Whoops,” the original fake vomit, is still churned out. Chicago gag kingpin Irving Fishlove, son of the company’s founder, loved nothing more than a good prank—particularly when the prankster gets a laugh at the expense of his unwitting target. So when presented with the first prototype of latex puke in the late 1950s, he howled with laughter and declared that he loved it.
“It is a secret recipe,” Mardi says. “But I think we know what’s in it. It’s got foam pieces cut up, and it’s got latex. But the actual recipe, nobody outside the company knows that.”

View photos and continue reading HERE.



Chicagoans Enjoy Giant Marilyn Monroe Statue

The Chicago Sun-Times is not entirely happy with the new Marilyn Monroe statue, but real Chicagoans are enjoying it.

Whatever the case, that beyond-kitschy, 26-foot sculpture recreating the moment when Marilyn Monroe’s dress flies up in “The Seven Year Itch” is threatening the Bean as the most photographed attraction in Chicago. So we’re going from taking pictures of our own reflection to taking pictures while looking up the skirt of a giant woman. This is not an upgrade. Men (and women) licking Marilyn’s leg, gawking up her skirt, pointing at her giant panties as they leer and laugh. It’s not that the sculpture is shocking or sexist or obscene — but it’s definitely bringing out the juvenile goofball in many of us.

Read more HERE.


Greatest Inspirational Speech Ever [video]

Man Jumps Off Building, Dies – His Name Is Jeronymo

The News-Gazette reports -

CHAMPAIGN — The man who died after jumping from a high-rise apartment building in the campus area was a graduate student at the University of Illinois. According to university records, Jeronymo Pereira, 30, of Urbana, was a graduate student in civil engineering. Champaign County Coroner Duane Northrup said that Mr. Pereira, 30, was pronounced dead at 1:50 p.m. Thursday at Carle Foundation Hospital.

Continue reading HERE.

Third Round of Swine Flu Possible?

If you you thought we were done with the swine flu – guess again.

According to The Belleville News-Democrat -

The 2009 H1N1 flu season was predicted in early fall by the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to be of pandemic proportions. Some predictions estimated several thousand people would die from complications related to the infection, and health departments and schools held clinics to make sure the most vulnerable populations were vaccinated as soon as the H1N1 vaccine was available. “Those predictions did not materialize,” said Karen Kunsemiller, special projects coordinator at the St. Clair County Health Department. “There was a low severity of illness and fewer hospitalizations and deaths than originally projected.” In fact, only person in St. Clair County and one in Madison County died from complications from the H1N1 flu. About 12 percent of the population, or about 30,000 people, in St. Clair County received an H1N1 vaccination, Kunsemiller said. But officials say people shouldn’t let their guard down yet, in case there is a third round of swine flu. “The response was a little lower than we had hoped and demand has decreased as the number of cases declines,” Kunsemiller said. “Right now flu activity is categorized as sporadic. There has been a big decline in flu activity and we are still encouraging people to get vaccinated because we don’t know if there will be a third wave of the flu.”

Continue reading HERE.

Man Searches For Real Father – Finds He’s Charlie Manson

The Sun reports -

Like many adopted children, Matthew Roberts set about finding his biological parents with a mix of nerves and excitement. In particular, he hoped that discovering his father’s identity would help him to work out what made him the man he had become. But nothing could have prepared him for being told his dad was… serial killer CHARLES MANSON.

Matthew grew up in Rockford, Illinois, and didn’t know he was adopted until his sister told him when he was ten. He loved his adoptive parents but always knew he was different. He says: “My parents were great people, but very conservative. “They were products of the Fifties and I didn’t relate to them. My biological parents were products of the Sixties and I take on a lot more of those characteristics.”

Read more HERE or HERE.



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