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12 Travel Tips For Chinese Visitors To America

mickeyFrom Mental_floss -

China does a lot of business and trade with the United States, and so there are many websites devoted to helping business people navigate American peculiarities. Using Google to translate advice written in “simplified Han” for Chinese readers into English allows Americans a tiny, possibly imprecise peek into how the people of China view life in the United States.

Check out the fascinating and rather complimentary list of tips HERE.

For example – “11. Show Humility to Ladies—They’re In Charge”



Strange Paper Sculptures of Li Hongbo [video]

China Bests US Again – This Time It’s Cockroach Farming

crfarm-sAccording to TheVerge -

And you thought your apartment was a roach motel. In China, a growing number of farmers are making their living by breeding a rather unusual variety of livestock: thousands and thousands of cockroaches. The roach farming industry remains secretive in China, with proprietors wary of attracting government attention or the ire of their neighbors. But the industry is also an increasingly prosperous one, as the Los Angeles Times points out: the price of dried cockroaches has soared from $2 per pound in 2010 to $20 today. That’s mostly because roaches are more popular than ever among Chinese medical providers, who incorporate crushed roaches into experimental baldness and cancer treatments, as well as cosmetics firms. They’re also being marketed as mouthwatering delicacies by some restaurants. Bon appétit!

original source


This is Shanghai [video]

Obama Is Checking Your Email – A New Photo Blog

If you’re following the shady things that the US government has been caught doing in regards to your privacy, you may get a kick out of this photo blog of President Obama doing a little spying of his own.

Check out Obama Is Checking Your Email HERE


Highrise Apartments of Hong Kong [pics]

HKaptsHere’s a rather unusual set of photos. It consists of pics of the tall cracker box apartments in Hong Kong, by photographer Michael Wolf.

Check out the pics HERE

Michael Wolf’s site HERE



Harsh Nature – Typhoon Photos

My new favorite photo blog, TheFabWeb, published an excellent set of photographs that document people’s struggling against the fury of typhoons.

Check out the pics HERE

Rarely Seen Views Of China’s Great Wall [pics] published a collection of rather unusual photos of the Great Wall of China. My favorite (below) is the one where the wall ends as it meets the sea.

See all the pics HERE


Moments In China [video]

10 Motorcyclists In 1 Sphere Of Death [video]

Happy Labor Day! [cartoon]


China Investigates Pills Made From Dead Babies – Chinese Viagra?

ChinaDaily reports -

BEIJING / CHANGCHUN – The Ministry of Health said on Tuesday that it has launched an investigation in the wake of a media report in South Korea about capsules from China – made from the flesh of dead babies – being used as stamina boosters. Deng Haihua, spokesman of the ministry, said on Tuesday that the ministry has instructed its provincial agency in Jilin to look into the case. Deng said China has strict management of disposal of infant and fetal remains as well as placentas. “Any practice that handles the remains as medical waste is strictly prohibited,” Deng said. According to the country’s regulations, medical institutions and their staff are prohibited from trading corpses. The Global Times reported on Monday that SBS, one of the three major national television networks in South Korea, broadcast a documentary on Aug 6 about the appearance of capsules from China containing dead baby flesh. According to the report, the TV program warned that some of the capsules were taken by Koreans. The television team claimed to have been to China, found the hospital that sold the materials, and taken video of the manufacturing process. It quoted insiders saying the “tonic” capsules are mainly sent to South Korea through members of the Korean ethnic group in China.

Continue reading HERE.



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